SNR group, from left to right: Harsha Kumar, Heather Matheson, Gilles Ferrand, Jennifer West, Samar Safi-Harb, Paul Edmon, Erica Franzmann, Adam Rogers. Picture taken on top of University College on campus, inside the Ewan telescope.

Current SNR group members:
  • Dr. Samar Safi-Harb: Professor, Canada Research Chair
  • Dr. Rebecca Danos (CITA national fellow, effective March 2012-): Joint Postdoc with Prof. Andreas Shalchi: Cosmic Ray Acceleration in SNRs.
  • Adam Rogers (Feb. 2012-): XFIT project for X-ray spectroscopy, Neutron Stars and Magnetars
  • Dr. Gilles Ferrand (Postdoc Sep 2010-, and CITA national fellow Sep 2011-): Numerical Simulations to study particle acceleration in SNRs, SNRs catalogue
  • Ms. Ping Zhou (China Scholarship Council exchange PhD student 2011-): Multi-wavelength studies of SNRs interacting with molecular clouds; co-supervised with Dr. Yang Chen (Nanjing U.)
  • Ms. Jennifer West (PhD candidate 2010-, NSERC CGS fellow 2011-2013): Modeling SNRs using radio and X-ray data, GALFACTS
  • Ms. Heather Matheson (PhD candidate 2008-, former NSERC PGS fellow 2009-2011) Pulsar Wind Nebulae: X-ray observations and modeling
  • Ms. Harsha Kumar (PhD candidate, 2006-): The environs of high-magnetic field pulsars and magnetars. To defend May 2013.

Some former members at U. of Manitoba:
  • Dr. Paul Edmon (postdoc 2010-2011): Numerical simulations of PWNe. Effective Nov. (2011), at Harvard CfA.
  • Dr. Miranda Jackson (postdoc), now in Stockhom
  • Dr. Ashish Asgekar (postdoc), now in the Netherlands
  • Ms. Heather Matheson (M.Sc., 2006), now PhD candidate at UofM
  • Ms. Alyssa Moldowan (M.Sc., 2005), now at UWO
  • Ms. Marjorie Gonzalez (M.Sc., 2003), now at UBC
  • Ms. Erica Franzmann (undergraduate), now MSc candidate at UofM
  • Mr. Matt Scholte (undergraduate), now at UBC
  • Mr. Adam Rogers (undergraduate), now PhD candidate at UofM
  • Mr. Tal Letourneau (undergraduate from UWO)
  • Ms. Laura Kasian (undergraduate), now at UBC


The astronomy group at UofM:


UofM Astro group:
Back (Left to Right):
Jason Fiege, Miranda Jackson (alumnus, now in Sweden), Gilles Ferrand, Rebecca Danos, Paul Edmon, Erica Franzmann, Jennifer West, Ian Cameron
Front (Left to Right): Jayanne English, Samar Safi-Harb, Harsha Kumar, Ping Zhou, Heather Matheson
(missing): Andreas Shalchi, Adam Rogers

Last updated: 10 Feb. 2012