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Weekly Group Meeting Schedule 2004-5:

(All meetings take place in Allen Bldg. rm. 326 on Fridays at 1:30 pm unless otherwise indicated)





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Oct. 15, 2004

Shelley Page 

The Qweak Experiment

Oct. 22, 2004

Gerald Gwinner  

Trapping & Atomic Parity Violation

Oct. 29, 2004

Jim Birchall 

Monte Carlo Methods & Qweak

Nov. 5, 2004

Chad Gillis    

The NPDGamma Experiment

Nov. 12, 2004

Jeff Martin

The UCN-A Beta Decay Experiment

Nov. 19, 2004

Gerald Gwinner &
Mike Froese

The Electron Cooler trap for TITAN


Nov. 19, 2004

Jeff Martin

Colloquium: Strange Quarks in the Proton

NOTE: Friday Dec. 3rd, we will discuss neutrino oscillation results from KamLand & SNO (see email!)

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