... PET imaging at the University of Manitoba

Research Projects

PET Insert Systems for Hybrid PET/MR Imaging

As part of a multi-centre collaboration that includes researchers from the University of British Columbia, TRIUMF, and McGill University, we are constructing a PET insert for small animal hybrid PET/MR imaging. Shown here is an autocad drawing of the proposed system.

A Highly Portable PET System for Animal Imaging

We propose to design and build a compact, low cost PET system that could be easily used in a normal laboratory environment for mouse imaging. Currently we are using a combination of Monte Carlo simulations and benchtop measurements to develop the design of the detectors for this system and examinine ways to optimize the sensitivity and spatial resolution of the system. Shown above is a mock-up of the system showing the proposed size of the PET system.

Monte Carlo Simulations of PET Systems

We use the Monte Carlo simulation package GATE Geant4 Application for Tomographic Emission) to model PET systems and determine the potential performance of our proposed system designs. In particular, we have been focusing on validating a model of the intrinsic radioactivity found in lutetium based scintillators such as LSO and LYSO, which can be a major concern when imaging low activity levels.