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New Video! A lecture on how astronomy images are created.

Newest Image VLA Reveals Spectacular "Halos" of Spiral Galaxies
Press Release and Image links at the National Radio Astronomy Observatory's newscenter

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UGC 10288: Nature Pulls a Fast One on Astronomers

HCG 31

Visual Art Activities

-- Seeing is Believing: Experiment 1 An interactive art project by Jayanne English and Brad Miller in honour of the International Year of Astronomy.
Artists' Statement.

-- Beam Me Up: A web-based online project by Xcult.org that invites artists and authors from different countries to concern themselves with the concept of space. A curator, Sarah Cook (University of Sunderland), invited me to participate.
- My written contribution is Cosmic sites: Remote space and personal perception meet at the monitor.
- Accompanying animation of the DRAO Planck Deep Field.
- Critique by Claire L. Evans
- the Beam-me-up project is to go on display in its own exhibition at Plug.in, Basel, Switzerland from January 14 through March 15.

-- Contributed images to Two Parts of Wonder by Denise Prefontaine, November 6-December 18, University of New Brunswick Art Centre, Fredericton, NB.

Public Outreach

G-astronomy! Learning by Cosmosis: Lesson #1 Dark Matter. At The Tallest Poppy restaurant members of the public asked questions of a panel on Dark Matter in the Universe. The experts included Professor Ken Freeman, the first person to confirm the strange gravitational effects in the outskirts of galaxies; Prof. Chris O'Dea; Prof. Andrew Frey; and Jayanne English. How do we know it makes up 90% of the matter in the universe even though we can't see it? Occurred Tuesday Oct 14, 2014 at 7:30pm (Sherbrooke and Westminster).

2012 Transit of Venus - last viewing for a lifetime. Cosmoquest Weekly Science Hangout with Jayanne English on Astro Images. Join Dr. English and Justin and Chamath, University of Manitoba Astronomy Club members, discuss the challenges and excitment of making public outreach images. May 2, 2012

Tension between Art and Science in Astronomy Images: Dr. English interviewed by Leizl Thom on Talk Radio 702 in Johannesburg, South Africa Sunday April 19, 2010.(MP3)

2012 Hoax: Dr. English interviewed by Laurie Langcastor on CJOB Friday Nov 13, 2009.

How to Construct Striking Astronomy Images:
Jayanne English's Visualization Website. This detailed website provides links to videos about the tension between art and science in astronomy images and specific image manipulation techniques. Additionally it links to data resources, software packages, etc.

A Selection of Image Websites:
Jayanne's Portfolio.

The Canadian International Year of Astronomy Image Database.
A site with beautiful images curated specifically for IYA 2009. If you are Canadian, please use these in your exhibits, promotions, websites, etc.

From the Earth to the Universe (FETU).
The International Astronomical Union's IYA Astronomy Image Database.

Hubble Heritage Project.
Classic Hubble Telescope images produced monthly.

Anglo-Australian Observatory.
David Malin uses photographic film and filters to capture what the human eye WOULD see, if the human eye were as sensitive to light as our astronomy detectors.

International/Canadian Galactic Plane Survey.
Images produced using mainly radio telescope data from the Dominion Radio Astrophysical Observatory.

Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope. Image of the month.

Gemini Telescope Images.

IYA Links
Education Links

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