Supernova remnant Models & Images at Radio Frequencies (SMIRF)

This webpage presents images and accompanying radio synchrotron emission models of all known Supernova Remnants (SNRs) in the Galaxy (excluding pulsar wind nebulae, also known as "filled-centre" SNRs). The underlying database uses the University of Manitoba's High-Energy Catalogue of Supernova Remnants (SNRcat) (companion paper: A census of high-energy observations of Galactic supernova remnants by Ferrand, G., Safi-Harb, S., 2012, AdSpR, 49, 9, 1313-1319. ADS link).

This webpage is a supplement to the paper: The Connection between Supernova Remnants and the Galactic Magnetic Field: I. A Global Radio Study of the Axisymmetric Sample (West, J. L., Safi-Harb, S., Jaffe, T., Kothes, R., Foster, T., & Landecker, T., 2016, A&A, 587, 148).

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