High Energy Observations of Galactic Supernova Remnants

Authors and credits: This database is maintained by Gilles Ferrand, under the supervision of Samar Safi-Harb, in the SNR group of the Department of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Manitoba.
The list of SNRs with their basic physical properties was based on the radio Catalogue of Galactic Supernova Remnants by Dave Green, including the 2014 update and aims to be complete for Galactic SNRs (but it does not include any extragalactic object). This work also builds on the List of Galactic SNRs Interacting with Molecular Clouds maintained by Bing Jiang, and on the census of the youngest Galactic SNRs by Matthieu Renaud. Entries have also been cross-checked with the Pulsar Wind Nebula Catalog and the SGR/AXP Catalog from the McGill Pulsar Group.

More detailed information on this work (motivation, usage, statistics, future extensions) can be found in a companion paper: Ferrand, G., Safi-Harb, S., A Census of High-Energy Observations of Galactic Supernova Remnants, AdSpR, 49, 9, 1313-1319 (get it on ScienceDirect, ADS, arXiv). When making use of this catalogue for your own research, we kindly ask you to cite this article and the URL of this page in all your related publications.

This catalogue is updated regularly, with typically weekly updates (see date at the bottom of any page). You can get recent statistics here (updated several times a year). You can send us feedback with this form (the link is also available on each page, pre-filled with the SNR name). You can use this form to suggest corrections to existing SNRs, or to let us know about new SNRs or candidates.
Description: The table on this page is the list of all the identified SNRs. Each row corresponds to a single object. Click anywhere on the row to open the full record in a new page, with more details and all references. The columns of this table summarize the properties and observational status of all the SNRs.

The first columns (with grey background) describe the SNR (identification, environment, main physical properties). For consistency the SNR ids are normalized in the form GXXX.X±YY.Y. For some PWNe the G name has been rounded off, the more precise coordinates can be found in the detailed record. For the few objects with no G name given in the literature, we generated it from the J coordinates, these new names are marked with an asterisk. Also note the question marks, that denote uncertain identifications or associations, and the strikes, that denote obsolete names or discarded association claims. We try to report age and distance estimates whenever available, but note that most are model-dependent and should be used with caution. We use the following abbreviations in the context column: NS: Neutron Star, PSR: Pulsar, PWN: Pulsar Wind Nebula, AXP: Anomalous X-ray Pulsar, SGR: Soft Gamma-ray Repeater, CCO: Central Compact Object. The type can be "shell", "filled-centre" (isolated, shell-less, PWN or "plerion" – including bow-shock nebulae), or "composite". The composite class includes both the "plerionic composites" (with a non-thermal core due to a PWN) and the "thermal composites" (with interior thermal X-ray emission, aka "mixed-morphology” SNRs). Note that this classification stems from a multi-wavelength view.

The last columns summarize the observations of these remnants, with various modern X-ray and gamma-ray observatories (more are listed in the individual records). Colours code the current view of a given instrument as follows:
 missed  the region was observed, but no significant source was detected;
 detected a source was detected, but it is not possible to measure its extension;
 extended the source is clearly extended, it might show structures or not.
A purely black cell merely means lack of data: it might be that the object is not observable with this instrument, or that it has not been observed yet, or that the results have not been disclosed. Bright colours indicate a confident association of the observed emission with the SNR, whereas darker shades are used for everything else (including tentative associations and non associations). Check the full record to learn more about the source(s) of the emission that is seen with each instrument.
Manipulation: You can re-order the instrumental columns by dragging-and-dropping the header of one column (reload the page to reset the order). You can also sort all rows according to an instrument by clicking on the header of its column (click again to unsort, hold the shift key to select other columns). Finally, you can filter rows in various ways:
• by selecting an item in the drop-down list below instruments headers. Select for instance 1-HESS-extended to get all SNRs for which HESS can measure the extension.
• by typing text in the field below other headers, to filter a given column. Try for instance magnetar in the context field, or SN in the age field. Note that you can search for abbreviated names in the ID field: for instance typing G11.2-0.3 will show G011.2-00.3.
• by typing in the field just below this paragraph, to filter the whole table. Note that the resolution levels defined in the previous section are actually present in the cells as invisible text, so that you can for instance type missed to get all records of failed observations.
The search in text fields supports logical expressions (AND, OR, NOT), as well as grouping with brackets () and quotes "". For instance, you can get all observations made with Chandra of remnants suspected to interact with molecular clouds, by typing below: (NOT CHANDRA-unknown) AND cloud. Note that instrument cells are all suffixed with -X for X-rays and -g for gamma-rays, so that you can for instance type extended-g to get all extended gamma-ray sources.

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Number of objects displayed:
G000.0+00.0   Sgr A East, CXOGC J174545.5-285829, 1FGL J1745.6-2900c, 2FGL J1745.6-2858, 1FHL J1745.6-2900, 3FGL J1745.6-2859c, 2FHL J1745.7-2900, 3FHL J1745.6-2900, HESS J1745-290 contains CXOGC J174545.5-285829 = the Cannonball = NS candidate and possibly PWN, close to BH Sgr A*, interacts with molecular cloud 1200 - 10000 yr 8 kpc thermal composite CHANDRA XMM SUZAKU ASCA FERMI HESS VERITAS MAGIC
G000.1-00.1   G0.13-0.12, 1FGL J1746.4-2849c, 2FGL J1746.6-2851c, 1FHL J1746.3-2851, 3FGL J1746.3-2851c contains PWN G0.13-0.11, interacts with molecular cloud?? thermal & plerionic composite? CHANDRA XMM FERMI HESS
G000.3+00.0   G0.33+0.04, G0.4+0.1 ≤ 500000 yr 8.5 kpc shell FERMI HESS
G000.9+00.1   HESS J1747-281 contains PSR J1747-2809 + PWN G0.87+0.08 1900 yr
PSR: 5000 yr
8.5 - 10 kpc
PSR: 13 kpc
plerionic composite CHANDRA XMM ASCA FERMI HESS
G001.0-00.1   Sgr D, G1.05-0.1, G1.05-0.15 close to star forming region Sgr D and other SNR candidates G1.02-0.18 and G1.2-0.0, interacts with molecular cloud 8 kpc shell XMM SUZAKU ASCA FERMI HESS
G001.4-00.1   interacts with molecular cloud shell FERMI HESS
G001.9+00.3   150 - 220 yr 8.5 kpc shell CHANDRA SUZAKU ASCA FERMI HESS
G003.7-00.2   G003.8-00.3 shell FERMI HESS
G003.8+00.3   shell? FERMI HESS
G004.2-03.5   shell FERMI
G004.5+06.8   Kepler, SN1604, 3C358, Kes 57 1604 SN: 415 yr 3.3 - 8.2 kpc shell CHANDRA XMM SUZAKU ROSAT ASCA FERMI HESS
G004.8+06.2   G4.5+6.2 shell FERMI
G005.2-02.6   shell ASCA FERMI HESS
G005.4-01.2 ? Milne 56, G5.3-1.0, G5.27-0.9, 2FGL J1802.3-2445c, 3FHL J1801.5-2450 offset PSR J1801-2451 = B1757-24 = the Duck + PWN G5.27-0.9, interacts with molecular cloud PSR: 15488 yr 4.3 - 5.2 kpc
PSR: 5 kpc
plerionic composite? CHANDRA FERMI HESS
G005.5+00.3   G5.55+0.32 shell FERMI HESS
G005.7-00.1 ? G5.71-0.08, HESS J1800-240C close to SNR G006.4-00.1 = W28, interacts with molecular cloud 2.9 - 3.2 kpc shell? XMM FERMI HESS
G005.9+03.1   contains point source = possible compact remnant shell XMM FERMI HESS
G006.1+00.5   G6.10+0.53 shell FERMI HESS
G006.1+01.2   G6.1+1.15 filled-centre? FERMI HESS
G006.4+04.0   shell FERMI
G006.4+04.9   0FGL J1742.1-2054, 1FGL J1741.8-2101, 2FGL J1741.9-2054, 3FGL J1741.9-2054 bow shock PWN and PSR J1741-2054 PSR: 386000 yr PSR: 0.3 kpc filled-centre CHANDRA XMM FERMI
G006.4-00.1   W28, G6.6-0.2, 0FGL J1801.6-2327, 1FGL J1801.3-2322c and J1800.5-2359c, 2FGL J1801.3-2326e, 1FHL J1801.3-2326e, 3FGL J1801.3-2326e, 2FHL J1801.3-2326e and J1801.7-2358, FGES J1800.6-2343, 3FHL J1800.5-2343e and J1801.6-2327, 1AGL J1801-2317, HESS J1801-233 and HESS J1800-240[A/B/C] close to (probably unrelated) PSR B1758-23 = J1801-2304 (SGR candidate), close to SNRs G5.7-0.1, G6.5-0.4, G7.0-0.1, interacts with molecular cloud 33000 - 36000 yr 1.6 - 2.2 kpc thermal composite CHANDRA XMM SUZAKU ROSAT ASCA FERMI AGILE HESS
G006.5-00.4   G6.51-0.48, G6.67-0.42, HESS J1801-233 close to SNR G006.4-00.1 = W28 shell FERMI HESS
G007.0-00.1   G7.06-0.12 close to SNR G006.4-00.1 = W28 shell FERMI HESS
G007.2+00.2   G7.20+0.20 shell FERMI HESS
G007.5-01.7 ? CXOU J180950.2-233223, 0FGL J1809.5-2331, 1FGL J1809.8-2332, 2FGL J1809.8-2332, 1FHL J1809.8-2329, 3FGL J1809.8-2332 contains PWN G7.4-2.0 = Taz, close to PSR J1809-2332 50000 yr
PSR: 22908 yr
1.7 - 2 kpc
PSR: 2 kpc
thermal & plerionic composite CHANDRA XMM ROSAT ASCA FERMI HESS
G007.7-03.7   1814-24 386 ?? 500 - 2200 yr
SN: 1633 yr ??
3.2 - 6 kpc shell XMM ASCA FERMI HESS
G008.3-00.0   G8.31-0.09, HESS J1804-216 close to SNR G8.7-0.1 = W30 shell FERMI HESS
G008.7-00.1   (W30), G8.6-0.1, CXOU J180351.4-213707, CXOU J180432.4-214009, CXOU J180441.9-214224, Suzaku J1804-2142 and J1804-2140, 0FGL J1805.3-2138, 1FGL J1805.2-2137c and J1806.8-2109c, 2FGL J1805.6-2136e, 1FHL J1805.6-2136e, 3FGL J1805.6-2136e, 2FHL J1805.6-2136e, FGES J1804.8-2144, 3FHL J1804.7-2144e, 1AGL J1805-2143, HESS J1804-216 inside W30 complex, PSR J1803-2137 = B1800-21 and PWN G8.40+0.15 at the edge, close to new SNR G8.3-0.0, interacts with molecular cloud 15000 - 28000 yr
PSR: 15800 yr
3.2 - 6 kpc
PSR: 4 kpc
thermal & plerionic composite? CHANDRA SUZAKU ROSAT FERMI AGILE HESS
G008.7-05.0   shell FERMI
G008.9+00.4   G8.90+0.40 shell FERMI HESS
G009.7-00.0   G9.7-0.1, G9.70-0.06 interacts with molecular cloud shell FERMI HESS
G009.8+00.6   shell FERMI HESS
G009.9-00.8   G9.95-0.81 shell FERMI HESS
G010.5-00.0   G10.59-0.04 shell ASCA FERMI HESS
G010.9-45.4   G10.93-45.44, 1FGL J2124.7-3358, 2FGL J2124.6-3357, 3FGL J2124.7-3358 PWN G10.92-45.43 and PSR J2124-3358 PSR: 3801894000 yr PSR: 0.25 kpc filled-centre CHANDRA XMM ASCA FERMI
G011.0-00.0   G11.0+0.0, G11.03-0.05, HESS J1809-193 contains PWN G11.03-0.05??, interacts with molecular cloud?? 2.4 - 3.7 kpc shell? ASCA FERMI HESS
G011.1+00.1   G11.18+0.11, 3FGL J1810.1-1910, HESS J1809-193 contains PSR J1809-1917 + PWN G11.09+0.08, close to SNR G11.2-0.3 with PSR J1811-1925 = the Turtle + PWN G11.18-0.35, close to PSR J1809-1943 PSR: 51300 yr PSR: 3.5 kpc plerionic composite? CHANDRA SUZAKU FERMI HESS
G011.1-00.7   G11.15-0.71 shell FERMI HESS
G011.1-01.0   G11.2-1.1, G11.17-1.04 shell FERMI HESS
G011.2-00.3   3FGL J1811.3-1927c, 3FHL J1811.5-1927, HESS J1809-193 contains PSR J1811-1925 = the Turtle + PWN G11.18-0.35, close to SNR G11.1-1.0 with PSR J1809-1917 + PWN G11.09+0.08, close to PSR J1809-1943, interacts with molecular cloud 386 ?? 1400 - 2400 yr
PSR: 23500 yr
SN: 1633 yr ??
5 - 10 kpc
PSR: 5 kpc
G011.4-00.1   2FGL J1811.1-1905c shell? CHANDRA SUZAKU FERMI HESS
G011.8-00.2   G11.89-0.21 shell ASCA FERMI HESS
G012.0-00.1   shell? SUZAKU ASCA FERMI HESS
G012.2+00.3   G12.26+0.30 shell FERMI HESS
G012.5+00.2   G12.58+0.22 plerionic composite? FERMI HESS
G012.7-00.0   G12.72-0.00, HESS J1813-178 shell FERMI HESS
G012.8-00.0   W33, G12.82-0.02, G12.83-0.02, AX J1813-178, 0FGL J1814.3-1739, 1AGL J1815-1732, HESS J1813-178 close to W33 complex, contains PSR J1813-1749 + PWN G12.82-0.02, interacts with molecular cloud 1200 yr
PSR: 5000 yr
≥ 4 kpc
PSR: 4.7 kpc
G013.3-01.3   G13.46+0.16, 3FGL J1817.2-1739 interacts with molecular cloud 2 - 4 kpc shell? ROSAT FERMI HESS
G013.5+00.2   shell FERMI HESS
G014.1-00.1   G14.18-0.12 shell FERMI HESS
G014.3+00.1   G14.30+0.14 shell FERMI HESS
G015.1-01.6   2.1 - 2.2 kpc shell FERMI HESS
G015.4+00.1   G15.42+0.18, 3FGL J1818.7-1528, HESS J1818-154 contains PWN?, interacts with molecular cloud? 2500 - 8200 yr
PSR: 17000 yr
4.8 - 9.3 kpc plerionic composite? XMM FERMI HESS
G015.9+00.2   G015.9+00.2 and CXOU J181852.0-150213 contains CXOU J181852.0-150213 = CCO 1000 - 3000 yr 8.5 kpc shell? CHANDRA XMM FERMI HESS
G016.0-00.5   G16.05-0.57 shell FERMI HESS
G016.2-02.7   shell FERMI HESS
G016.4-00.5   G16.41-0.55 shell FERMI HESS
G016.7+00.1   G16.73+0.08, CXO J182058.16-142001.5 contains PWN G16.73+0.08, and PSR?, interacts with molecular cloud 2100 yr 10 - 14 kpc plerionic composite CHANDRA XMM ASCA FERMI HESS
G017.0-00.0   G17.02-0.04, HESS J1825-137 shell FERMI HESS
G017.4-00.1   G17.48-0.12, HESS J1825-137 shell FERMI HESS
G017.4-02.3   shell FERMI HESS
G017.8-02.6   shell FERMI HESS
G018.0-00.7   Turkey, 1FGL J1821.1-1425c and J1825.7-1410c, 2FGL J1826.1-1256 and J1824.5-1351e, 1FHL J1824.5-1351e, 3FGL J1824.5-1351e, 2FHL J1824.5-1350e, FGES J1825.2-1359, 3FHL J1824.5-1351e, 1AGL J1827-1227, HESS J1825-137 (bow shock?) PWN G18.00-0.69 = Turkey and PSR J1826-1334 = B1823-13 PSR: 21400 yr 2.9 - 3.3 kpc
PSR: 3.9 kpc
G018.1-00.1   G18.1-0.2, G18.16-0.16, HESS J1826-130 5100 - 9000 yr 5.6 - 6.6 kpc shell CHANDRA ASCA FERMI HESS
G018.5-00.4   Eel, AX J1826.1-1257, 0FGL J1825.9-1256, 1FGL J1826.1-1256, 2FGL J1826.1-1256, 3FGL J1826.1-1256, 3FHL J1826.1-1256, HESS J1826-130 PWN G18.5-0.4 = the Eel and PSR J1826-1256 PSR: 14400 yr PSR: 7 kpc filled-centre CHANDRA XMM ASCA FERMI HESS
G018.6-00.2   G18.62-0.28, HESS J1826-130 4.2 - 4.6 kpc shell FERMI HESS
G018.8+00.3   Kes 67, G18.9+0.3 in complex region near HII region W39, interacts with molecular cloud 100000 yr 13.4 - 14.2 kpc shell SUZAKU ROSAT FERMI HESS
G018.9-01.1   G18.95-1.1, G18.94-1.04, 3FGL J1829.7-1304 contains PWN and PSR candidate CXOU J182913.1-125113, interacts with molecular cloud?? 2800 - 6100 yr 1.8 - 2 kpc plerionic composite CHANDRA ROSAT ASCA FERMI HESS
G019.1+00.2   G19.15+0.27 shell FERMI HESS
G020.0-00.2   G20.07-0.14, CXO J182807.4-113516, 1FGL J1827.9-1128c, 2FGL J1828.3-1124c, 3FGL J1828.4-1121 contains PWN?, close to HII region GAL 20.08-0.14 10.9 - 11.5 kpc filled-centre CHANDRA FERMI HESS
G020.4+00.1   G20.47+0.16 7.6 - 8 kpc shell FERMI HESS
G021.0-00.4   G21.04-0.47 shell FERMI HESS
G021.5-00.1   G21.56-0.10 shell ASCA FERMI HESS
G021.5-00.9   1FGL J1833.5-1034, 2FGL J1833.6-1032, 3FGL J1833.5-1033, 3FHL J1833.6-1034, HESS J1833-105 contains PSR J1833-1034 + PWN G21.50-0.89 1550 - 1800 yr
PSR: 4900 yr
4.2 - 4.6 kpc
PSR: 4.7 kpc
G021.6-00.8   G21.64-0.84 shell
G021.8-00.6   Kes 69 interacts with molecular cloud 8800 - 9200 yr 5.4 - 5.8 kpc thermal composite XMM SUZAKU ROSAT ASCA FERMI HESS
G021.9-00.1 ? HESS J1831-098 PWN G21.88-0.10 and PSR J1831-0952 PSR: 128000 yr PSR: 4.33 kpc filled-centre? CHANDRA FERMI HESS
G022.7-00.2   HESS J1832-093 overlaps SNR G23.3-0.3, contains point source XMMU J183245-0921539, interacts with molecular cloud? 4.5 - 4.9 kpc shell? XMM FERMI HESS
G023.3-00.3   W41, CXOU J183434.9-084443, XMMU J183435.3-084443, 0FGL J1834.4-0841, 1FGL J1834.3-0842c, 2FGL J1834.3-0848, 3FGL J1834.5-0841, 2FHL J1834.5-0846e, FGES J1834.8-0848, 3FHL J1834.5-0846e, HESS J1834-087 overlaps SNR G22.7-0.2, contains PSR J1834-0845 = magnetar J1834.9-0846, close to PSR J1833-0827 and PWN G23.5+0.1, interacts with molecular cloud? 60000 - 200000 yr 4.6 - 5 kpc shell? CHANDRA XMM FERMI HESS MAGIC
G023.5+00.1 ? bow shock PWN candidate G23.5+0.1 and PSR J1833-0827 = B1830-08, close to SNR G23.3-0.3 = W41 PSR: 147911 yr PSR: 5 kpc filled-centre? XMM ASCA
G023.6+00.3   in complex region 5.7 - 6.1 kpc ? FERMI HESS
G024.7+00.6   1FGL J1834.7-0709c, 2FGL J1834.7-0705c, 1FHL J1834.6-0703, 3FGL J1833.9-0711 and J1834.6-0659, FGES J1834.1-0706, 3FHL J1834.1-0706e, MAGIC J1835-069 contains PWN?, adjacent to HII regions 9500 yr 3.2 - 3.7 kpc plerionic composite? FERMI HESS MAGIC
G024.7-00.6   HESS J1837-069 3.6 - 4 kpc shell? FERMI HESS
G025.1-02.3   2.9 kpc shell HESS
G025.2+00.3 ? G25.25+0.28, G025.5+00.0, AX J1838.0-0655 and AX J1837.3-0652, AX J1838.0-065 and AX J1837.3-0652, AX J1838.0-0655 and AX J1837.3-0652, AX J1838.0-065 and AX J1837.3-0652, 1FGL J1837.5-0659c, 2FGL J1837.3-0700c and J1835.5-0649, 1FHL J1836.5-0655e, 3FGL J1836.5-0655e, 2FHL J1836.5-0655e, FGES J1836.5-0652 and J1839.0-0704, 3FHL J1836.5-0651e and J1838.9-0704e, HESS J1837-069 contains PSR J1838-0655 + PWN G25.24-0.19 = AX J1838.0-0655, PWN candidate G25.21-0.02 = AX J1837.3-0652, adjacent to massive star cluster PSR: 23000 yr PSR: 6.6 kpc plerionic composite CHANDRA XMM SUZAKU ASCA FERMI HESS
G026.6-00.1 ? Suzaku J1840.2-0552, 3FGL J1838.9-0537, 2FHL J1840.9-0532e, FGES J1839.4-0554 and J1841.4-0514, 3FHL J1840.9-0532e, HESS J1841-055 near PSR J1838-0537, near star forming region, close to SNR G27.4+0.0 = Kes 73 PSR: 4970 yr 1.3 kpc filled-centre? SUZAKU ASCA FERMI HESS
G027.4+00.0   (Kes 73), 4C-04.71, G27.3-0.1, 2FGL J1841.2-0459c, Fermi J1841.1-0458, FGES J1839.4-0554 and J1841.4-0514, 3FHL J1840.9-0532e, HESS J1841-055 contains AXP 1E 1841-045 (magnetar), close to SNR candidate G26.6-0.1, interacts with molecular cloud? 750 - 2100 yr
PSR: 4300 yr
G027.8+00.6   2FGL J1840.3-0413c, 3FGL J1840.1-0412 contains PWN? filled-centre XMM FERMI HESS
G028.6-00.1   AX J1843.8-0352, 1FGL J1842.9-0359c, 2FGL J1842.8-0359c, HESS J1843-033 14200 - 14800 yr 7 - 9.6 kpc shell CHANDRA ASCA FERMI HESS
G028.8+01.5   2FGL J1839.7-0334c 32000 yr 2.8 - 4 kpc thermal composite? XMM ROSAT ASCA FERMI
G029.4+00.1 ? G29.3667+0.1000, AX J1844.7-0305, HESS J1844-030 (formerly in J1843-033) PWN in complex radio source G29.37+0.1, close to radio galaxy PMN J1844-0306, interacts with molecular cloud?? 5.2 - 15.8 kpc plerionic composite? CHANDRA XMM ASCA HESS
G029.6+00.1   CXOU J184457.5-025823, G29.6+0.1 and AX J1844.8-0258, 1FGL J1844.3-0309c contains AXP candidate AX J1845-0258 (magnetar?) ≤ 8000 yr 4.4 - 5 kpc
PSR: 10 kpc
G029.7-00.3   Kes 75, HESS J1846-029 contains high-B PSR J1846-0258 (magnetar?) + PWN, interacts with molecular cloud 1690 - 1850 yr
PSR: 700 yr
5.3 - 5.9 kpc
PSR: 6 kpc
plerionic composite CHANDRA ASCA FERMI HESS
G030.7+01.0   shell? ASCA FERMI HESS
G030.7-02.0   contains compact source near centre ? FERMI HESS
G031.5-00.6   G31.55-0.65 shell? FERMI HESS
G031.9+00.0   3C391, Kes 77, 1FGL J1849.0-0055, 2FGL J1849.3-0055, 3FGL J1849.4-0057, 3FHL J1849.4-0056 interacts with molecular cloud 7400 - 8400 yr 6.7 - 7.5 kpc thermal composite CHANDRA XMM SUZAKU ROSAT ASCA FERMI HESS
G032.0-04.9   3C396.1 1.8 kpc shell? FERMI
G032.1-00.9 ? ≤ 4.6 kpc thermal composite ROSAT ASCA FERMI HESS
G032.4+00.1   G32.45+0.1, 2FGL J1850.7-0014c 17 kpc shell XMM FERMI HESS
G032.6+00.5 ? HESS J1849-000 PWN candidate G32.64+0.53 and PSR J1849-0001 PSR: 42900 yr PSR: 7 kpc filled-centre? CHANDRA XMM FERMI HESS
G032.8-00.1   Kes 78, G33.1-0.1, 1FGL J1850.2-0019c, 2FGLJ1850.7-0014c, 3FGL J1850.5-0024, HESS J1852-000 PSR J1853-0004 nearby, unrelated variable source 2XMM J185114.3-000004 in the northern part, interacts with molecular cloud 5700 - 22000 yr 4.5 - 5.1 kpc shell XMM SUZAKU ROSAT FERMI HESS
G033.2-00.6   HESS J1852-000 shell FERMI HESS
G033.6+00.1   Kes 79, 4C00.70, HC13, G33.7+0.0, G033.6+00.1 and CXOU J185238.6+004020, 1FGL J1853.1+0032c, 2FGL J1852.7+0047c contains CCO PSR J1852+0040 = "anti-magnetar"?, close to transient magnetar 3XMM J185246.6+003317, interacts with molecular cloud 4400 - 6700 yr
PSR: 192000000 yr
3.5 - 7.1 kpc thermal composite? CHANDRA XMM SUZAKU ROSAT ASCA FERMI HESS
G034.0+20.3   G034.0+20.2 PWN G34.01+20.27 and PSR J1740+1000 PSR: 114800 yr PSR: 1.4 kpc filled-centre CHANDRA XMM
G034.7-00.4   W44, 3C392, G34.6-0.5, 0FGL J1855.9+0126, 1FGL J1856.1+0122, 2FGL J1855.9+0121e, 1FHL J1855.9+0121e, 3FGL J1855.9+0121e, FGES J1856.3+0122, 3FHL J1855.9+0121e, 1AGL J1857+0137 inside W48 complex, contains PSR B1853+01 = J1856+0113 + PWN G34.56-0.50, interacts with molecular cloud 7900 - 8900 yr
PSR: 20400 yr
2.1 - 3.3 kpc
PSR: 3 kpc
G035.6-00.4   1FGL J1857.1+0212c, HESS J1858+020 contains (probably unrelated) PSRs J1857+0210 and J1857+0212 = B1855+02, also J1857+0143 (d = 5.2 kpc, tc = 71 kyr) nearby, overlaps with planetary nebulae PN G35.5-0.4 and IRAS 18551+0159 and with HII region G35.6-0.5 2300 yr 3.5 - 4.1 kpc shell FERMI HESS
G036.0+00.1 ? G36.0-0.0?, AX J185651+0245, 2FHL J1856.8+0256, FGES J1857.8+0246, 3FHL J1857.7+0246e, HESS J1857+026, MAGIC J1857.2+0263 and J1857.6+0297 PWN candidate G36.01+0.06 and PSR J1856+0245 PSR: 20600 yr PSR: 10.29 kpc filled-centre? CHANDRA XMM ASCA FERMI HESS MAGIC
G036.6+02.6   shell FERMI HESS
G036.6-00.7   shell? FERMI HESS
G038.7-01.3   14000 - 15000 yr 4 kpc thermal composite CHANDRA XMM ROSAT FERMI HESS
G039.2-00.3   3C396, HC24, NRAO 593 contains PWN G39.22-0.32, interacts with molecular cloud 4700 - 5200 yr 6.2 - 8.5 kpc plerionic composite CHANDRA ASCA FERMI HESS
G039.7-02.0 ? W50, (SS433), G40.0-3.1 adjacent to HII region S74, contains microquasar binary SS433, interacts with molecular cloud?? 30000 - 100000 yr 3.5 - 6.5 kpc ? CHANDRA XMM ROSAT ASCA FERMI HESS VERITAS MAGIC
G040.5-00.5   0FGL J1907.5+0602, 1FGL J1907.9+0602, 2FGL J1907.9+0602, 1FHL J1907.7+0600, 3FGL J1907.9+0602, HESS J1908+063, MGRO J1908+06 close to PSR J1907+0602 + PWN G40.16-0.89?, interacts with molecular cloud? PSR: 20000 yr 3.4 kpc
PSR: 3.2 kpc
G041.1-00.3   3C397, 1FGL J1906.6+0716c, 2FGL J1906.5+0720, 3FGL J1906.6+0720 near PSR J1906+0722, interacts with molecular cloud 1350 - 5300 yr 8 - 9 kpc thermal composite CHANDRA XMM SUZAKU ROSAT ASCA FERMI HESS
G041.5+00.4   3.6 - 4.6 kpc shell?
G042.0-00.1   3.1 - 3.9 kpc shell?
G042.8+00.6   G42.8+0.65, HOTS J1907+091 PSR J1907+0918 and SGR 1900+14 (magnetar) just outside the shell (both suggested to be possibly related), interacts with molecular cloud? PSR: 38000 yr ≥ 2.8 kpc
PSR: 7.7 kpc
G043.3-00.2   W49B, (3C398), 0FGL J1911.0+0905, 1FGL J1910.9+0906c, 2FGL J1911.0+0905, 1FHL J1911.0+0905, 3FGL J1910.9+0906, 2FHL J1911.0+0905, 3FHL J1911.0+0905, HESS J1911+090 near HII region W49A, interacts with molecular cloud 2900 - 6000 yr 10.9 - 11.7 kpc thermal composite CHANDRA XMM SUZAKU ROSAT ASCA FERMI HESS
G043.9+01.6   shell? FERMI HESS
G044.5-00.2 ? HESS J1912+101 PWN candidate G44.48-0.17 and PSR J1913+1011 70000 - 200000 yr
PSR: 169000 yr
4.1 kpc
PSR: 4.5 kpc
G045.7-00.4   1FGL J1916.0+1110c, 2FGL J1916.1+1106, 3FGL J1915.9+1112 shell FERMI HESS
G046.8-00.3   (HC30), G46.6-0.2 part of HC30 4.8 - 11.9 kpc shell FERMI HESS
G047.4-03.9   (bow shock) PWN G47.38-3.88 and PSR J1932+1059 = B1929+10 PSR: 3090300 yr PSR: 0.36 kpc filled-centre CHANDRA XMM ROSAT ASCA
G049.2-00.7   W51C, CXOU J192318.5+1403035, 0FGL J1923.0+1411, 1FGL J1922.9+1411, 2FGL J1923.2+1408e, 1FHL J1923.2+1408e, 3FGL J1923.2+1408e, 2FHL J1923.2+1408e, FGES J1923.3+1408, 3FHL J1923.2+1408e, 1AGL J1923+1404, HESS J1923+141 part of W51 complex, overlaps SFR W51B, contains CXO J192318.5+1403035 + PWN?, interacts with molecular cloud? 16400 - 18000 yr 4.8 - 6 kpc thermal composite? CHANDRA XMM SUZAKU ROSAT ASCA FERMI AGILE HESS MAGIC MILAGRO
G053.4+00.0   G53.4+0.05 close to PWN G054.1+00.3 and PSR J1930+1852 2000 - 5000 yr 5.6 - 6.4 kpc shell XMM FERMI HESS
G053.6-02.2   3C400.2, NRAO 611, G53.7-2.2, PS J1934.5+1845 15000 - 110000 yr 2.3 - 6.7 kpc thermal composite CHANDRA SUZAKU ROSAT ASCA FERMI HESS
G054.1+00.3   HESS J1930+188, VER J1930+188 contains PSR J1930+1852 + PWN G54.10+0.27, interacts with molecular cloud? 1500 - 2400 yr
PSR: 2900 yr
4.1 - 7.2 kpc
PSR: 6.2 kpc
G054.4-00.3   (HC40), G54.5-0.3, 2FGL J1932.1+1913 part of HC40, interacts with molecular cloud 61000 yr 6 - 7.2 kpc shell ASCA FERMI HESS
G055.0+00.3   G55.2+0.5 PSR J1932+2020 = B1929+20 nearby 14 kpc shell FERMI HESS
G055.7+03.4   contains (unrelated?) PSR B1919+21 = J1921+2153 PSR: 0.56 kpc shell FERMI
G057.2+00.8   (4C21.53) contains SGR 1935+2154, PSR B1937+214 = J1939+213 nearby 41000 - 95000 yr
PSR: 3600 yr
4.5 - 12.5 kpc
PSR: 3.5 kpc
G059.2-04.7   Black Widow, 1FGL J1959.6+2047, 2FGL J1959.5+2047, 3FGL J1959.5+2047 PWN G59.20-4.70 and PSR J1959+2048 = B1957+20 = Black Widow PSR: 1513561200 yr PSR: 2.5 kpc filled-centre CHANDRA XMM FERMI
G059.5+00.1   G59.6+0.1 ≤ 3 kpc shell FERMI HESS
G059.8+01.2   G59.7+1.2 ? FERMI HESS
G063.7+01.1   CXO J194753.3+274351, 3XMM J194753.4+274357 contains PWN, interacts with molecular cloud?? ≥ 8000 yr 3.8 - 6 kpc filled-centre CHANDRA XMM FERMI
G064.5+00.9   compact radio source near the center 11 kpc shell XMM ROSAT HESS
G065.1+00.6   0FGL J1954.4+2838 PSR J1957+2831 nearby 40000 - 140000 yr
PSR: 1600000 yr
9 - 9.6 kpc
PSR: 7 kpc
G065.3+05.7   G65.2+5.7 PSR J1931+30 nearby 20000 yr 0.8 kpc thermal composite CHANDRA ROSAT FERMI
G065.7+01.2 ? DA 495, G55.7+1.2, 3FGL J1951.6+2926, VER J1952+294 contains PWN G65.73+1.18 7000 - 155000 yr 1 - 3.6 kpc filled-centre CHANDRA XMM ROSAT ASCA FERMI VERITAS
G065.8-00.5   1.9 - 2.7 kpc shell
G066.0-00.0   2 - 2.6 kpc shell
G067.6+00.9   1.8 - 2.2 kpc shell
G067.7+01.8   5000 - 13000 yr 7 - 17 kpc shell CHANDRA ROSAT FERMI HESS
G067.8+00.5   ?
G068.6-01.2   ? FERMI
G069.0+02.7 ? CTB 80, W56, G68.8+2.8, 0FGL J1953.2+3249, 1FGL J1952.9+3252, 2FGL J1953.0+3253, 1FHL J1953.3+3251, 3FGL J1952.9+3253, 3FHL J1952.8+3253 contains PSR B1951+32 = J1952+3252 + PWN G68.77+2.82, interacts with molecular cloud 1408 60000 yr
PSR: 100000 yr
SN: 611 yr
1.5 - 4.6 kpc
PSR: 2.5 kpc
G069.7+01.0   shell ROSAT ASCA FERMI HESS
G070.0-21.5 ? a few degrees away from 3 PSRs (J2113+2754, J2116+1414 and J2124+1407) and ~12 degrees away from Cygnus Loop ≤ 3 kpc shell ROSAT
G073.9+00.9   3FGL J2014.4+3606 interacts with molecular cloud? 11000 - 12000 yr 0.5 - 4 kpc shell? XMM FERMI
G074.0-08.5   Cygnus Loop, W78, Sh2-103, contains Veil Nebula, NGC 6960, NGC 6992, NGC 6995, NGC 6974, NGC 6979, IC 1340, 2XMM J204920.2+290106, 1FGL J2046.4+3041 and J2049.1+3142 and J2055.2+3144 and J2057.4+3057, 2FGL J2051.0+3040e, 3FGL J2051.0+3040e, 3FHL J2051.0+3040e contains several compact sources, PWN candidate 2XMM J204920.2+290106, interacts with molecular cloud? 10000 - 20000 yr 0.576 - 1 kpc shell CHANDRA XMM SUZAKU ROSAT ASCA FERMI
G074.9+01.2   CTB 87, CXOU J201609.2+371110, 2FGL J2015.6+3709, 2FHL J2016.2+3713, 3FHL J2015.9+3712, VER J2016+371 (prev. VER J2016+372) contains PWN G74.94+1.11 and PSR candidate CXOU J201609.2+371110, close to (unrelated) cataclysmic variable RX J2015.6+3711 and blazar B2013+370, interacts with molecular cloud?? 4000 - 28000 yr 6.1 - 7 kpc filled-centre CHANDRA ASCA FERMI VERITAS
G075.2+00.1   Cisne, Dragonfly, 0FGL J2020.8+3649, 1FGL J2021.0+3651, 2FGL J2021.0+3651, 1FHL J2021.0+3651, 3FGL J2021.1+3651, 3FHL J2021.1+3651, 1AGL J2021+3652, MGRO J2019+37 (bow shock?) PWN G75.23+0.12 = the Dragonfly and PSR J2021+3651 PSR: 17000 yr ≥ 10 kpc
PSR: 4 kpc
G076.9+01.0   2FGL J2022.8+3843c, 3FGL J2022.2+3840 contains PSR J2022+3842 + PWN PSR: 8900 yr 8 kpc filled-centre CHANDRA FERMI
G078.2+02.1   W66, DR4, gamma Cygni, G78.1+1.8, RX J2020.2+4026, 0FGL J2021.5+4026, 1FGL J2020.0+4049, 2FGL J2019.1+4040 and J2021.5+4026, 1FHL J2021.0+4031e, 3FGL J2021.0+4031e, 2FHL J2021.0+4031e, FGES J2020.8+4026, 3FHL J2021.5+4026 and J2021.0+4031e, 1AGL J2022+4032, VER J2019+407 PSR J2021+4026 at the edge + PWN G78.23+2.09, unrelated stellar wind bubble inside?, interacts with molecular cloud? 8000 - 16000 yr
PSR: 77000 yr
G080.2+01.0 ? 0FGL J2032.2+4122, 1FGL J2032.2+4127, 2FGL J2032.2+4126, 1FHL J2032.1+4125, 3FGL J2032.2+4126, 3FHL J2032.2+4127, MGRO J2031+41B PWN G80.22+1.02 + PSR J2032+4127 (coincident with unrelated Be star MT91 213 in Cyg OB2) PSR: 110000 yr PSR: 1.5 kpc filled-centre CHANDRA XMM SUZAKU ROSAT FERMI VERITAS MAGIC MILAGRO
G082.2+05.3   W63, G82.5+5.3 1.3 - 3.2 kpc thermal composite ROSAT ASCA FERMI MAGIC
G083.0-00.3   shell FERMI
G084.2-00.8   interacts with molecular cloud? 8400 - 9600 yr 4.8 - 6.2 kpc shell CHANDRA ROSAT FERMI
G085.4+00.7   superimposed on radio source W80 7000 - 55000 yr 2.5 - 5.2 kpc thermal composite CHANDRA XMM ROSAT FERMI MAGIC
G085.9-00.6   superimposed on radio source W80 10000 - 49000 yr 3.2 - 6.4 kpc thermal composite CHANDRA XMM ROSAT FERMI MAGIC
G089.0+04.7   HB21, 1FGL J2042.3+5041 and J2046.0+4954, 2FGL J2041.5+5003 and J2043.3+5105 and J2046.0+4954, 3FGL J2045.2+5026e contains extragalactic source 4C50.52, interacts with molecular cloud 4800 - 15000 yr 0.8 - 2.1 kpc thermal composite SUZAKU ROSAT ASCA FERMI MAGIC
G093.3+06.9   DA 530, 4C(T)55.38.1, G93.2+6.7, XMM J205314.4+551528 contains PWN? 5000 - 7000 yr 1.7 - 2.7 kpc thermal & plerionic composite? CHANDRA XMM SUZAKU ROSAT FERMI
G093.7-00.2   CTB 104A, DA 551, G93.6-0.2, G93.7-0.3 interacts with molecular cloud 1.5 kpc thermal composite? ROSAT FERMI MAGIC
G094.0+01.0   3C434.1 interacts with molecular cloud?? 25000 yr 4.5 - 5.2 kpc shell FERMI
G096.0+02.0   4 kpc shell FERMI
G106.3+02.7   Boomerang, G106.6+2.9, 0FGL J2229.0+6114, 1FGL J2229.0+6114, 2FGL J2229.0+6114, 1FHL J2229.0+6114, 3FGL J2229.0+6114 and J2225.8+6045, 3FHL J2229.0+6114, 1AGL J2231+6109, VER J2227+608, MGRO J2228+61 contains PSR J2229+6114 and PWN G106.65+2.96 = the Boomerang, interacts with molecular cloud?? PSR: 10000 yr 0.8 kpc
PSR: 3 kpc
G107.5-01.5 ? 3000 - 6000 yr 1.1 kpc shell XMM ROSAT
G108.2-00.6   2.6 - 3.8 kpc shell FERMI
G108.5+11.0 ? shell
G108.6+06.8   Guitar nebula bow shock PWN G108.6+6.8 = the Guitar and PSR J2225+6535 = B2224+65 PSR: 1122000 yr PSR: 1.5 kpc filled-centre CHANDRA XMM ROSAT
G109.1-01.0   CTB 109, G109.2-1.0, 3FGL J2301.2+5853, FGES J2302.0+5855, 3FHL J2301.9+5855e contains AXP 1E 2259+586 (magnetar), interacts with molecular cloud 8800 - 14000 yr
PSR: 230000 yr
G111.7-02.1   Cassiopeia A (Cas A), W81, 3C461, G111.7-02.1 and CXOU J232327.9+584842, 1FGL J2323.4+5849, 2FGL J2323.4+5849, 1FHL J2323.3+5849, 3FGL J2323.4+5849, 2FHL J2323.4+5848, 3FHL J2323.4+5848 contains CCO CXOU J232327.9+584842, interacts with molecular cloud?? 1680 316 - 352 yr
SN: 339 yr
G113.0+00.2   contains PSR B2324+60 = J2326+6113 PSR: 10000000 yr 3.1 kpc
PSR: 4.8 kpc
G114.3+00.3   2FGL J2333.3+6237 contains HII region S165 and PSR 2334+61 7700 yr 0.7 kpc shell ROSAT FERMI
G116.5+01.1   2FGL J2358.9+6325, 3FGL J0001.0+6314 15000 - 50000 yr 1.6 kpc shell FERMI
G116.9+00.2   CTB 1, G117.3+0.1, G116.9+0.1, RX J0002+6246 close to PSR J0002+6216 = runaway PSR, superposed on larger SNR? 7500 - 15000 yr 1.6 - 3.5 kpc thermal composite CHANDRA XMM SUZAKU ROSAT ASCA FERMI
G119.5+10.2   CTA 1, G119.5+10.3, RX J0007.0+7302, 0FGL J0007.4+7303, 1FGL J0007.0+7303, 1FHL J0007.3+7303, 2FGL J0007.0+7303, 3FGL J0007.0+7302, 3FHL J0007.0+7303, 1AGL J0006+7311, VER J0006+727 contains PSR J0007+7303 + PWN G119.65+10.46 13000 yr
PSR: 14000 yr
1.1 - 1.7 kpc
PSR: 1.4 kpc
G120.1+01.4   Tycho, 3C10, SN1572, 3FGL J0025.7+6404, 3FHL J0025.5+6407, VER J0025+641 interacts with molecular cloud? 1572 SN: 447 yr 1.5 - 5 kpc shell CHANDRA XMM SUZAKU ROSAT ASCA FERMI VERITAS
G126.2+01.6   close to transient PSR 4U 0115+63 270000 yr 4.5 kpc shell? FERMI
G127.1+00.5   R5, G127.3+0.7, 2FGL J0128.0+6330, 3FGL J0128.4+6257 associated with open cluster NGC 559?, interacts with molecular cloud? 20000 - 30000 yr 1.15 kpc shell CHANDRA FERMI
G128.5+02.6 ? shell
G130.7+03.1   3C58, SN1181, 1FGL J0205.6+6449, 2FGL J0205.8+6448, 1FHL J0205.7+6448, 3FGL J0205.5+6448, 2FHL J0205.4+6450, 3FHL J0205.5+6449 PWN 3C58 and PSR J0205+6449 1181 ? ≤ 7000 yr
PSR: 5400 yr
SN: 838 yr ?
2 - 3.2 kpc
PSR: 3.2 kpc
G132.7+01.3   HB3, G132.4+2.2, 1FGL J0218.8+6158c and J0220.0+6257, 2FGL J0214.5+6251c and J0218.7+6208c and J0221.4+6257c, 3FGL J0220.1+6202c and J0224.0+6235 adjacent to W3/4/5 complex, PSR J0215+6218 nearby, interacts with molecular cloud 25000 - 33000 yr
PSR: 13000000 yr
2 - 2.2 kpc
PSR: 3.2 kpc
thermal composite XMM ROSAT ASCA FERMI
G141.2+05.0   CXOU J033712.8+615302 PWN G141.2+5.0 and PSR candidate CXOU J033712.8+615302 350000 yr 3.5 - 4.5 kpc filled-centre CHANDRA
G148.1+00.8   Mushroom bow shock PWN = the Mushroom and PSR B0355+54 = J0358+5413 PSR: 562300 yr PSR: 1.04 kpc filled-centre CHANDRA XMM
G149.5+03.2 ? shell
G150.3+04.5 ? 2FHL J0431.2+5553e, FGES J0427.2+5533, 3FHL J0427.2+5533e shell FERMI
G150.8+03.8 ? shell
G151.2+02.9 ? G151.2+2.85 shell
G152.4-02.1   1 kpc shell
G156.2+05.7   1FGL J0500.1+5237, 3FGL J0500.3+5237 7000 - 26000 yr 1.7 - 3 kpc shell CHANDRA SUZAKU ROSAT ASCA FERMI
G159.6+07.3   shell ROSAT
G160.1-01.1 ? shell
G160.9+02.6   HB9, G160.5+2.8, G160.4+2.8, 1FGL J0503.2+4526, 2FGL J0503.2+4643 close to SGR 0501+4516 = magnetar (possibly related), contains PSR B0459+47 = J0502+4654 (probably unrelated), interacts with molecular cloud?? 4000 - 7000 yr
PSR: 16000 yr
0.4 - 1.2 kpc
PSR: 1.8 kpc
G162.8-16.0*? 0FGL J0357.5+3205, 1FGL J0357.8+3205, 2FGL J0357.8+3205, 3FGL J0357.9+3206 PSR J0357+3205 = Morla and PWN PSR: 540000 yr PSR: 0.5 kpc filled-centre CHANDRA XMM FERMI
G166.0+04.3   VRO 42.05.01, 2FGL J0526.6+4308 interacts with molecular cloud?? 3 - 6 kpc thermal composite XMM SUZAKU ROSAT ASCA FERMI
G172.8+01.5 ? within an HII complex 330000 yr 1.8 kpc shell ROSAT
G178.2-04.2   2.9 kpc shell
G179.0+02.6   1FGL J0553.9+3105, 2FGL J0553.9+3104 shell? FERMI
G180.0-01.7   S147, Sh2-240, Spaghetti Nebula, 1FGL J0538.6+2717, 2FGL J0538.1+2718, 3FGL J0540.3+2756e, 2FHL J0534.1+2753, FGES J0537.6+2751, 3FHL J0537.6+2751e contains PSR J0538+2817 and PWN G179.72-1.69 26000 - 34000 yr
PSR: 616600 yr
1.1 - 1.5 kpc
PSR: 1.47 kpc
plerionic composite CHANDRA XMM FERMI
G181.1+09.5   close to compact source 1RXS J062246.2+321853 ≤ 16000 yr 0.5 - 2.5 kpc shell? ROSAT
G182.4+04.3   3800 - 4400 yr ≥ 3 kpc shell XMM ROSAT FERMI
G184.6-05.8   Crab Nebula, 3C144, SN1054, NGC 1952, M1, 0FGL J0534.6+2201, 1FGL J0534.5+2200, 2FGL J0534.5+2201, 1FHL J0534.5+2201, 3FGL J0534.5+2201 and J0534.5+2201i and J0534.5+2201s, 2FHL J0534.5+2201, 3FHL J0534.5+2201, 1AGL J0535+2205, HESS J0534+220 PWN = the Crab, contains PSR B0531+21 = J0534+2200, interacts with molecular cloud 1054 PSR: 5000 yr
SN: 965 yr
1.5 - 2.2 kpc
PSR: 2 kpc
G189.1+03.0   IC443, 3C157, Sh2-248, Jellyfish Nebula, 0FGL J0617.4+2234, 1FGL J0617.2+2233, 2FGL J0617.2+2234e, 1FHL J0617.2+2234e, 3FGL J0617.2+2234e, 2FHL J0617.2+2234e, FGES J0617.2+2235 and J0619.6+2229, 3FHL J0617.2+2234e, 1AGL J0617+2236, VER J0616.9+2230, MAGIC J0616+225 next to HII region S249, overlaps SNR G189.6+03.3, contains runaway NS CXOU J061705.3+222127 + PWN G189.23+2.90, interacts with molecular cloud 837 3000 - 30000 yr
SN: 1182 yr
G189.6+03.3 ? FGES J0619.6+2229 overlaps SNR G189.1+03.0 = IC443, contains PSR + PWN ? 30000 - 100000 yr 1.3 - 1.7 kpc plerionic composite? CHANDRA ROSAT FERMI
G190.2+01.1 ? 300000 yr 8 kpc shell ROSAT
G190.9-02.2   1 kpc shell
G192.8-01.1 ? PKS 0607+17, G193.3-1.5, 3FGL J0610.6+1728 encountering a nearby star formation region that possibly contains early type star(s), interacts with molecular cloud?? 3000000 yr thermal composite? ROSAT FERMI
G195.1+04.3   Geminga, 0FGL J0634.0+1745, 1FGL J0633.9+1746, 2FGL J0633.9+1746, 1FHL J0633.9+1746, 3FGL J0633.9+1746, 3FHL J0633.9+1746, 1AGL J0634+1748, MGRO J0632+17 contains PSR J0633+1746 = Geminga + PWN PSR: 338800 yr PSR: 0.25 kpc filled-centre CHANDRA XMM ROSAT ASCA FERMI AGILE VERITAS MAGIC MILAGRO
G201.1+08.3 ? PWN candidate around PSR B0656+14 = J0659+1414 PSR: 110000 yr PSR: 0.288 kpc filled-centre? CHANDRA XMM ROSAT ASCA FERMI
G205.5+00.5   Monoceros Loop, G205.5+00.2, 1FGL J0636.0+0458c, 2FGL J0631.6+0640 and J0636.0+0554 and J0637.8+0737, 3FGL J0631.6+0644 and J0640.9+0752, HESS J0632+057 contains binary? interacts with Rosette nebula, close to SNR G206.9+02.3, interacts with molecular cloud?? 30000 - 150000 yr 0.6 - 1.98 kpc shell CHANDRA XMM FERMI HESS VERITAS
G206.9+02.3   PKS 0646+06 close to SNR G205.5+00.5 = Monoceros Nebula 64000 yr 2.2 kpc shell? FERMI
G213.0-00.6   G213.3-0.4 near the HII region S284 shell FERMI
G230.4-01.4 ? 3FGL J0729.7-1448 PWN G230.39-1.42 and PSR J0729-1448 PSR: 34700 yr PSR: 4 kpc filled-centre CHANDRA FERMI
G260.4-03.4   Puppis A, MSH 08-44, RX J0822-4300, 1FGL J0823.3-4248, 2FGL J0821.0-4254 and J0823.0-4246 and J0823.4-4305, 1FHL J0822.6-4250e, 3FGL J0822.6-4250e, 2FHL J0822.6-4250e, FGES J0822.1-4253, 3FHL J0822.1-4253e overlaps SNR G263.9-3.3 = Vela, contains CCO RX J0822-4300 and PSR J0821-4300, interacts with molecular cloud 3700 - 4450 yr 1.3 - 2.2 kpc shell CHANDRA XMM SUZAKU ROSAT ASCA FERMI HESS
G261.9+05.5   2.9 kpc shell ASCA FERMI
G263.9-03.3   Vela, contains NGC 2736 = Pencil Nebula, 0FGL J0835.4-4510, 1FGL J0835.3-4510, 2FGL J0842.9-4721 and J0835-4510 and J0833.1-4511e, 1FHL J0833.1-4511e and J0835.3-4510, 3FGL J0835.3-4510 and J0833.1-4511e and J0838.1-4615 and J0839.1-4739 and J0843.1-4546, 2FHL J0833.1-4511e and J0835.3-4511, 1AGL J0835-4509, HESS J0835-455 overlaps SNR G260.4-3.4 and SNR G266.2-1.2, contains PSR B0833-45 = J0835-4510 = Vela + PWN Vela X (unrelated to eclipsing binary Vela X-1), interacts with molecular cloud? 9000 - 27000 yr
PSR: 11200 yr
0.25 - 0.3 kpc
PSR: 0.29 kpc
G266.2-01.2   Vela Jr, RX J0852.0-4622, CXOU J085201.4-461753, RX J0852.0-4622, AX J0851.9-4617.4, 1FGL J0854.0-4632, 2FGL J0848.5-4535 and J0851.7-4635 and J0853.5-4711 and J0855.4-4625, 1FHL J0852.7-4631e, 3FGL J0852.7-4631e, 2FHL J0852.8-4631e, FGES J0851.9-4620, 3FHL J0851.9-4620e, HESS J0852-463 overlaps SNR G263.9-3.3 = Vela, contains CCO CXOU J085201.4-461753, PSR J0855-4644 + PWN G266.97-1.00 at the edge 2400 - 5100 yr 0.5 - 1 kpc shell CHANDRA XMM SUZAKU ROSAT ASCA FERMI HESS
G267.0-01.0   PWN G266.97-1.00 + PSR J0855-4644, overlaps SNR G266.2-01.2 = Vela Jr PSR: 140000 yr ≤ 0.9 kpc filled-centre XMM HESS
G269.7+00.0 ? shell
G272.2-03.2   3600 - 11000 yr 2 - 10 kpc thermal composite CHANDRA XMM SUZAKU ROSAT ASCA FERMI HESS
G276.5+19.0   Antlia very large loop, close to several PSRs, with PSR J0630-2834 = B0628-28 the best candidate for a common origin, also PSR J0953+0755 = B0950+08 suggested 1000000 - 6000000 yr
PSR: 1200000 yr
0.06 - 0.34 kpc
PSR: 0.138 kpc
shell? XMM ROSAT
G279.0+01.1   shell FERMI HESS
G284.0-01.8   2FGL J1016.5-5858, 3FGL J1016.3-5858, 3FHL J1016.2-5857, 1AGL J1022-5822, HESS J1018-589 PWN G284.08-1.88 + PSR J1016-5857, close to SNR G284.3-01.8 = MSH 10-53 PSR: 20900 yr PSR: 3 kpc filled-centre CHANDRA FERMI AGILE HESS
G284.2-00.4 ? 1FGL J1023.0-5746, 2FGL J1022.7-5741, 1FHL J1022.6-5745, 3FGL J1023.1-5745, HESS J1023-575 PWN candidate G284.19-0.39 around PSR J1023-5746 PSR: 4600 yr PSR: 9 kpc filled-centre? CHANDRA FERMI HESS
G284.3-01.8   MSH 10-53, G284.2-1.8, XMMU J101855.4-58564, 0FGL J1018.2-5858, 1FGL J1018.6-5856, 2FGL J1019.0-5856, 1FHL J1018.9-5855, 3FGL J1018.9-5856, HESS J1018-589 contains binary J1018.6-5856 (progenitor?), PSR J1016-5857 + PWN G284.08-1.88 nearby, interacts with molecular cloud? 10000 yr 2.9 kpc shell CHANDRA XMM FERMI HESS
G285.1-00.5 ? 0FGL J1028.6-5817, 1FGL J1028.4-5819, 2FGL J1028.5-5819, 1FHL J1028.4-5819, 3FGL J1028.4-5819, 3FHL J1028.5-5818, HESS J1026-582 PWN candidate G285.06-00.5 around PSR J1028-5819 PSR: 90000 yr 5 kpc
PSR: 2.76 kpc
G286.5-01.2   shell? FERMI HESS
G287.4+00.6   Puppy, G287.4+00.5, 0FGL J1047.6-5834, 1FGL J1048.2-5832, 2FGL J1048.2-5831, 1FHL J1048.4-5832, 3FGL J1048.2-5832, 3FHL J1048.2-5832 (bow shock?) PWN G287.42+0.58 = Puppy and PSR J1048-5832 = B1046-58 PSR: 20400 yr PSR: 3 kpc filled-centre CHANDRA XMM ASCA FERMI
G289.7-00.3   contains compact radio source shell FERMI HESS
G290.1-00.8   MSH 11-61A, 2XMM J110147.1-61012, 1RXH J110146.1-610121, 0FGL J1106.4-6055, 3FGL J1101.9-6053 close to HII region MSH 11-61B, (unrelated) PSR J1105-6107 nearby, (related) PSR J1101-6101 + PWN IGR J11014-6103 nearby = Lighthouse nebula, interacts with molecular cloud?? 10000 - 20000 yr
PSR: 63000 yr
3.5 - 11 kpc
PSR: 7 kpc
G291.0+00.1 ? shell
G291.0-00.1   (MSH 11-62), 2FGL J1112.1-6040, 1FHL J1111.5-6038, 3FGL J1111.9-6038, FGES J1109.4-6115?, 3FHL J1111.8-6038 contains PWN G291.02-0.11 + PSR candidate CXOU J111148.6-603926 1300 - 10000 yr 3 - 10 kpc plerionic composite CHANDRA XMM ASCA FERMI HESS
G292.0+01.8   MSH 11-54, 1FGL J1124.6-5916, 2FGL J1124.6-5913, 3FGL J1124.5-5915, 3FHL J1124.4-5916 contains PSR J1124-5916 + PWN G292.04+1.75 2930 - 3050 yr
PSR: 2900 yr
6 kpc
PSR: 6 kpc
G292.2-00.5   1FGL J1119.4-6127c, 2FGL J1118.8-6128, 3FGL J1119.1-6127, 3FHL J1119.0-6127, 1AGL J1108-6103, HESS J1119-614 contains high-B PSR J1119-6127 + PWN G292.15-0.54 4200 - 7100 yr
PSR: 1900 yr
8.4 - 9.7 kpc
PSR: 8.4 kpc
thermal & plerionic composite CHANDRA XMM ROSAT ASCA FERMI AGILE HESS
G293.8+00.6   1FGL J1134.8-6055, 2FGL J1135.3-6054, 3FGL J1135.2-6054 contains PWN G293.79+0.58? and PSR J1135-6055 (related?) plerionic composite? CHANDRA FERMI HESS
G294.1-00.0   shell FERMI HESS
G296.1-00.5   G296.05-0.50, G296.1-0.7 2800 - 28000 yr 2 - 4 kpc shell XMM SUZAKU ROSAT ASCA FERMI HESS
G296.5+10.0   PKS 1209-51/52, G296.5+9.7, 3FGL J1209.1-5224, 3FHL J1208.5-5243e contains CCO PSR J1210-5226 = 1E 1207.4-5209 7000 - 10000 yr
PSR: 470000 yr
1.3 - 3.9 kpc shell CHANDRA XMM ROSAT ASCA FERMI
G296.6-00.4 ? shell
G296.7-00.9   close to HII region 5800 - 7600 yr 9.1 - 10.9 kpc shell XMM ROSAT HESS
G296.8-00.3   1156-62 contains 2XMMi J115836.1-623516 = CCO?, close to PSR J1157-6224 = B1154-62 2000 - 10000 yr
PSR: 1600000 yr
9 - 10.2 kpc
PSR: 10 kpc
G298.5-00.3   3FGL J1212.2-6251, FGES J1213.3-6240 ? ROSAT FERMI HESS
G298.6-00.0   G298.6-0.1, 1FGL J1213.7-6240c, 2FGL J1214.0-6237, 3FGL J1214.0-6236, FGES J1213.3-6240, 3FHL J1213.3-6240e thermal composite ROSAT FERMI HESS
G299.2-02.9   4500 - 8700 yr 5 kpc shell CHANDRA ROSAT ASCA FERMI HESS
G299.3-01.5 ? shell ROSAT
G299.6-00.5   shell FERMI HESS
G301.4-01.0   shell FERMI HESS
G302.3+00.7   shell FERMI HESS
G304.1-00.2   2FGL J1303.7-6316c, 3FGL J1303.0-6312e, 2FHL J1303.4-6312e, FGES J1303.5-6313, 3FHL J1303.0-6312e, HESS J1303-631 PWN G304.10-0.24 and PSR J1301-6305 PSR: 11000 yr 1.5 kpc
PSR: 7 kpc
G304.6+00.1   Kes 17, 3FGL J1305.7-6241, 3FHL J1305.5-6240 interacts with molecular cloud 2000 - 64000 yr ≥ 9.7 kpc thermal composite XMM SUZAKU ASCA FERMI HESS
G306.3-00.9   close to PSR J1322-6329 2500 - 6000 yr 8 - 20 kpc shell CHANDRA SUZAKU FERMI HESS
G308.1-00.7   shell FERMI HESS
G308.4-01.4   G308.3-01.4 contains CXOU J134124.22-634352.0 = CCO? or binary? 5000 - 7500 yr 9.1 - 10.7 kpc shell CHANDRA ROSAT FERMI HESS
G308.8-00.1   G308.7+0.0, 1FGL J1343.7-6239c, 3FGL J1345.1-6224 contains PSR J1341-6220 = B1338-62 + PWN PSR: 7.21 kpc plerionic composite? FERMI HESS
G309.2-00.6   G309.2-0.7 contains X-ray source 1WGA J1346.5-6255 = unrelated star HD 119682 in the foreground open cluster NGC 5281 700 - 4000 yr 2 - 6 kpc shell CHANDRA XMM ROSAT ASCA FERMI HESS
G309.8+00.0   1FGL J1350.8-6212c shell FERMI HESS
G309.8-02.6   2FGL J1356.0-6436, 3FGL J1356.6-6428, 2FHL J1355.1-6420e, FGES J1355.1-6420, 3FHL J1355.1-6420e, HESS J1356-645 PWN G309.92-2.51 and PSR J1357-6429 PSR: 7200 yr PSR: 2.5 kpc filled-centre? CHANDRA XMM SUZAKU FERMI HESS
G310.6-00.3   Kes 20B 6.9 kpc shell FERMI HESS
G310.6-01.6   contains PSR J1400-6325 + PWN 700 - 2000 yr
PSR: 12700 yr
5 - 10 kpc
PSR: 10 kpc
plerionic composite CHANDRA FERMI HESS
G310.7-05.4 ? shell
G310.8-00.4   Kes 20A interacts with molecular cloud 5.1 kpc shell FERMI HESS
G310.9-00.3 ? shell
G311.5-00.3   interacts with molecular cloud?? ≥ 6.6 kpc thermal composite? XMM ASCA FERMI HESS
G312.4-00.4   1FGL J1410.3-6128c, 1AGL J1412-6149 contains PSR J1412-6145 + PWN? and PSR J1413-6141 PSR: 50000 yr ≥ 6 kpc shell? CHANDRA ASCA FERMI AGILE HESS
G312.5-03.0   shell FERMI HESS
G313.3+00.1   Rabbit, 0FGL J1418.8-6058, 1FGL J1418.7-6057, 2FGL J1418.7-6058, 1FHL J1418.6-6059, 3FGL J1418.6-6058, 3FHL J1418.6-6058, HESS J1418-609 PWN G313.32+0.13 = Rabbit + PSR J1418-6058, part of the Kookaburra complex PSR: 10300 yr 3.5 - 5.6 kpc
PSR: 3 kpc
G313.6+00.3   K3, G313.6+0.4, 1FGL J1420.1-6048, 2FGL J1420.1-6047, 1FHL J1420.1-6047, 3FGL J1420.0-6048, 2FHL J1419.3-6047e, FGES J1420.3-6047, 3FHL J1420.3-6046e, 1AGL J1419-6055, HESS J1420-607 PWN G313.54+0.23 + PSR J1420-6048, region K3 of the Kookaburra complex PSR: 12900 yr PSR: 5.6 kpc filled-centre CHANDRA XMM SUZAKU ASCA FERMI AGILE HESS
G315.1+02.7   2FGL J1411.9-5744 1.7 kpc shell FERMI
G315.4-00.3   ? FERMI HESS
G315.4-02.3   RCW 86, MSH 14-63, 2FHL J1443.2-6221e, FGES J1443.2-6227, 3FHL J1443.0-6227e, HESS J1442-624 contains several X-ray sources, contains NS + solar-type star binary, interacts with molecular cloud? 185 ? 2000 - 10000 yr
SN: 1834 yr ?
G315.9-00.0   G315.8-0.0 contains PSR J1437-5959 + PWN G315.78-0.23 = the Frying Pan PSR: 114000 yr PSR: 8 kpc plerionic composite ASCA FERMI HESS
G316.3-00.0   (MSH 14-57), 1FGL J1442.0-6000c, 2FGL J1441.6-5956, 3FGL J1441.5-5955c ≥ 7.2 kpc shell ASCA FERMI HESS
G317.3-00.2   shell FERMI HESS
G317.9-01.8 ? 0FGL J1459.4-6056, 1FGL J1459.4-6053, 2FGL J1459.4-6054, 3FGL J1459.4-6053, 3FHL J1459.4-6052, HESS J1458-608 PWN candidate G317.89-1.79 around PSR J1459-6053 PSR: 64700 yr PSR: 4 kpc filled-centre? CHANDRA SUZAKU FERMI HESS
G318.2+00.1   HESS J1457-593 8000 yr 3.5 - 9.2 kpc shell ROSAT FERMI HESS
G318.9+00.4 ? contains PWN?, interacts with molecular cloud?? plerionic composite? ASCA FERMI HESS
G319.9-00.7 ? MSC 319.9-0.7, 0FGL J1509.5-5848, 1FGL J1509.4-5850, 2FGL J1509.6-5850, 3FGL J1509.4-5850, 3FHL J1509.5-5851, 1AGL J1506-5859 bow shock PWN G319.97-0.62 and PSR J1509-5850 PSR: 154900 yr PSR: 2.5 kpc filled-centre? CHANDRA FERMI AGILE
G320.4-01.2   RCW 89, MSH 15-52, Jellyfish, 1FGL J1514.7-5917, 2FGL J1509.6-5850 and J1514.0-5915e, 1FHL J1514.0-5915e, 3FGL J1514.0-5915e, 2FHL J1514.0-5915e, FGES J1514.3-5910, 3FHL J1514.2-5909e, HESS J1514-591 overlaps SNR G320.6-01.6, contains PSR J1513-5908 = B1509-58 = the Dragon + PWN = the Jellyfish 185 ?? 1900 yr
PSR: 1700 yr
SN: 1834 yr ??
3.8 - 6.6 kpc
PSR: 5 kpc
G320.6-01.6   overlaps SNR G320.4-1.2 shell FERMI HESS
G321.3-03.9 ? shell
G321.9-00.3   1FGL J1521.8-5734c, 2FGL J1521.8-5735 close to SNR G321.4-00.5 and binary Circinus X-1 shell FERMI HESS
G321.9-01.1   shell FERMI HESS
G322.1+00.0   Circinus X-1 contains microquasar binary Circinus X-1 with jets 850 - 4600 yr 8.4 - 10.2 kpc shell CHANDRA XMM ASCA HESS
G322.5-00.1   contains PWN?, contains planetary nebula Pe 2-8 plerionic composite? FERMI HESS
G322.7+00.1 ? shell
G322.9-00.0 ? shell
G323.5+00.1   shell FERMI HESS
G323.7-01.0 ? HESS J1534-571 close to HII region 8000 - 24000 yr 3.5 - 6 kpc shell SUZAKU ROSAT FERMI HESS
G323.9+00.0 ? PWN candidate G323.89+0.03 and PSR J1531-5610 PSR: 97100 yr PSR: 3.1 kpc filled-centre? CHANDRA
G324.1+00.0 ? G324.1+0.1 in a complex region, surrounded by compact HII regions shell
G325.0-00.3 ? shell
G326.3-01.8   MSH 15-56, Kes 25, G326.2-1.7, 1FGL J1552.4-5609, 2FGL J1552.8-5609, 1FHL J1552.6-5610, 3FGL J1551.1-5610 and J1552.9-5610, 2FHL J1552.3-5610, FGES J1552.9-5610, 3FHL J1552.7-5611e contains PWN G326.12-1.81 9800 - 16500 yr 3.4 - 5.8 kpc plerionic composite CHANDRA XMM ROSAT ASCA FERMI HESS
G327.1-01.1   HESS J1554-550 contains PWN G327.15-1.04 = the Snail 17000 yr 9 kpc plerionic composite CHANDRA XMM ROSAT ASCA FERMI HESS
G327.2-00.1   G327.24-0.13 contains AXP 1E 1547.0-5408 (magnetar) PSR: 1400 yr 4 - 5 kpc
PSR: 9 kpc
G327.4+00.4   Kes 27, G327.3+0.4, G327.3+0.5, 3FGL J1549.1-5347c interacts with molecular cloud 2400 - 23000 yr 4.3 - 6.5 kpc thermal composite CHANDRA ROSAT ASCA FERMI HESS
G327.4+01.0   shell FERMI HESS
G327.6+14.6   SN1006, PKS 1459-41, 1FGL J1501.6-4204, HESS J1502-421 and HESS J1504-418 interacts with molecular cloud? 1006 SN: 1013 yr 1.6 - 2.2 kpc shell CHANDRA XMM SUZAKU ROSAT ASCA FERMI HESS
G328.4+00.2   MSH 15-57 PWN and NS 4900 - 6500 yr ≥ 17.4 kpc filled-centre XMM ASCA FERMI HESS
G329.7+00.4   shell FERMI HESS
G330.0+15.0   Lupus Loop contains central possibly pulsating X-ray source 15000 - 31000 yr 0.15 - 0.5 kpc shell CHANDRA FERMI
G330.2+01.0   G330.2+01.0 and CXOU J160103.1-513353 contains CCO CXOU J160103.1-513353 ≤ 1000 yr ≥ 5 kpc shell? CHANDRA XMM ASCA FERMI HESS
G330.7+00.1 ? shell
G331.5-00.6*? XMMU J161406.0-515225, Suzaku J1614-5152 (src A and B), 1FGL J1614.7-5138c, 1FHL J1615.3-5146e, 2FGL J1615.2-5138, 3FGL J1615.3-5146e, 2FHL J1615.3-5146e, FGES J1615.4-5153, 3FHL J1615.3-5146e, HESS J1614-518 close to open cluster Pismis 22 shell? XMM SUZAKU ROSAT FERMI HESS
G332.0+00.2   shell FERMI HESS
G332.4+00.1   Kes 32, MSH 16-51, G332.4+0.2, 0FGL J1615.6-5049, 2FGL J1615.0-5051, HESS J1616-508 PSR B1610-50 = J1614-5047 nearby 300 - 3000 yr 7.5 - 11 kpc shell CHANDRA ROSAT ASCA FERMI HESS
G332.4-00.4   RCW 103, 1FGL J1617.5-5105c, FGES J1617.3-5054, HESS J1616-508 contains 1E 161348-5055 = CCO magnetar? or binary?, close to PSR AXS J1617-5055 + PWN G332.50-0.28, interacts with molecular cloud 2000 - 4000 yr 3.1 kpc shell CHANDRA XMM SUZAKU ROSAT ASCA FERMI HESS
G332.5-00.3   0FGL J1615.6-5049, 1FGL J1617.5-5105c, 2FGL J1615.0-5051, 1FHL J1616.2-5054e, 3FGL J1616.2-5054e, 2FHL J1616.2-5054e, FGES J1617.3-5054, 3FHL J1616.2-5054e, HESS J1616-508 PWN G332.50-0.28 and PSR J1617-5055, close to SNR G332.4-00.4 = RCW 103 PSR: 8000 yr PSR: 6.5 kpc filled-centre CHANDRA XMM SUZAKU ASCA FERMI HESS
G332.5-05.6   3FGL J1645.9-5420 7000 - 9000 yr 2.2 - 3.8 kpc shell XMM SUZAKU ROSAT FERMI
G333.9+00.0 ? contains PSR J1622-4950 = magnetar at the centre and PSR J1622-4944 at the edge ≤ 6000 yr
PSR: 4000 yr
PSR: 9 kpc shell CHANDRA XMM
G334.0-00.8 ? shell
G335.2+00.1   2FGL J1628.1-4857c, 3FGL J1628.9-4852, HESS J1626-490 contains PSR J1627-4845 1.8 kpc shell XMM FERMI HESS
G336.4+00.2*  AX J1631.9-4752, 1FGL J1632.7-4733c and J1632.9-4802c, 2FGL J1632.4-4753c, 1FHL J1633.0-4746e, 3FGL J1633.0-4746e, 2FHL J1633.5-4746e, FGES J1631.7-4756, 3FHL J1631.6-4756e and J1633.0-4746e, HESS J1632-478 PWN, with PSR?, close to PSR J1632-4757 10000 yr 3 kpc filled-centre XMM ASCA FERMI HESS
G336.7+00.5   2FGL J1631.7-4720c, HESS J1634-472 shell FERMI HESS
G336.7-00.3 ? in a complex region composite?
G336.9-00.5 ? shell
G337.0-00.1   (CTB 33), 1FGL J1636.4-4737c, 3FGL J1636.2-4734, FGES J1636.3-4731, 3FHL J1636.3-4731e, HESS J1634-472 inside the CTB 33 complex, contains SGR 1627-41 (magnetar), interacts with molecular cloud 5000 yr
PSR: 2200 yr
11 kpc
PSR: 11 kpc
G337.2+00.1   AX J1635.9-4719, 1FGL J1635.7-4715c, 2FGL J1635.4-4717c, 1FHL J1634.7-4705, 3FGL J1636.2-4709c, HESS J1634-472 contains PWN? 1500 yr 14 kpc plerionic composite? XMM ASCA FERMI HESS
G337.2-00.7   750 - 3500 yr 2 - 9.3 kpc shell CHANDRA SUZAKU ROSAT ASCA FERMI HESS
G337.3+01.0   Kes 40 5 kpc shell ASCA FERMI HESS
G337.5-00.1*? CXOU J163802.6-471358, 3XMM J163802.6-471357 bow shock PWN CXOU J163802.6-471358 = 3XMM J163802.6-471357 ≥ 10 kpc filled-centre? CHANDRA XMM
G337.8-00.1   Kes 41, 2FGL J1638.0-4703c, 3FGL J1638.6-4654 interacts with molecular cloud 12000 - 16000 yr 12.3 kpc thermal composite? CHANDRA XMM ASCA FERMI HESS
G338.1+00.4   shell ASCA FERMI HESS
G338.3-00.0   1FGL J1640.8-4634c, 2FGL J1640.5-4633, 1FHL J1640.5-4634, 3FGL J1640.4-4634c, 2FHL J1640.6-4632, 3FHL J1640.6-4633, HESS J1640-465 contains PSR J1640-4631 and PWN G338.3-0.0, connected to SNR G338.5+00.1 by HII region G338.45+0.06 1000 - 8000 yr
PSR: 3350 yr
8 - 13 kpc plerionic composite CHANDRA XMM ASCA FERMI HESS
G338.5+00.1   3FGL J1641.1-4619c, 3FHL J1641.1-4619, HESS J1641-463 connected to SNR G338.3-00.0 and PSR J1640-4631 by HII region G338.45+0.06 1100 - 17000 yr 11 kpc ? CHANDRA XMM FERMI HESS
G340.4+00.4   shell FERMI HESS
G340.6+00.3   15 kpc shell CHANDRA ASCA FERMI HESS
G341.2+00.9   contains PSR J1646-4346 = B1643-43 + PWN plerionic composite FERMI HESS
G341.9-00.3   shell FERMI HESS
G342.0-00.2   shell FERMI HESS
G342.1+00.9   shell FERMI HESS
G343.0-06.0   RCW 114, 2FGL J1727.3-4611, 3FGL J1722.9-4529 and J1728.0-4606, 3FHL J1733.8-4734 PSR J1730-3350 = B1727-33 nearby, associated? 1 - 1.5 kpc shell FERMI
G343.1-00.7   shell FERMI HESS
G343.1-02.3   0FGL J1709.7-4428, 1FGL J1709.7-4428, 2FGL J1709.7-4429, 1FHL J1709.7-4429, 3FGL J1709.7-4429, 3FHL J1709.7-4429, 1AGL J1709-4428, HESS J1708-443 PSR J1709-4429 = B1706-44 + PWN G343.10-2.69 near the edge PSR: 17400 yr PSR: 2 kpc plerionic composite? CHANDRA XMM ROSAT ASCA FERMI AGILE HESS
G344.7+00.1 ? CXOU J170252.4-412848, HESS J1702-420 PWN G344.74+0.12? and PSR J1702-4128, close to SNR G344.7-00.1 PSR: 55000 yr PSR: 5 kpc filled-centre CHANDRA SUZAKU FERMI HESS
G344.7-00.1   2FHL J1703.4-4145, 3FHL J1703.4-4145, HESS J1702-420 contains CCO CXOU J170357.8-414302, close to PSR J1702-4128 and PWN G344.74+0.12, interacts with molecular cloud?? 3000 - 6000 yr 6.3 - 14 kpc thermal composite? CHANDRA XMM SUZAKU ASCA FERMI HESS
G345.1-00.2 ? contains central source composite?
G345.2+00.2 ? G345.1+0.2 next to small HII region shell
G345.7-00.2   HESS J1708-410 shell XMM FERMI HESS
G346.2-01.0 ? shell
G346.6-00.2   close to AXP 1709-40, interacts with molecular cloud 4200 - 16000 yr 5.5 - 11 kpc thermal composite XMM SUZAKU ASCA FERMI HESS
G347.3-00.5   RX J1713.7-3946, RX J1713.7-3946, 1FGL J1711.7-3944c, 2FGL J1712.4-3941, 1FHL J1713.5-3951e, 3FGL J1713.5-3945e, 2FHL J1713.5-3945e and 2FHL J1714.1-4012, FGES J1713.7-3945, 3FHL J1713.5-3945e, HESS J1713-397 contains CCO 1WGA J1713.4-3949, close to PSR J1713-3945, interacts with molecular cloud 393 ? 1000 - 2100 yr
SN: 1626 yr ?
G348.5+00.1   CTB 37A, 0FGL J1714.7-3827, 1FGL J1714.5-3830c, 2FGL J1714.5-3829, 3FGL J1714.5-3832, FGES J1714.3-3823, 3FHL J1714.4-3829, HESS J1714-385 part of CTB 37 complex, overlaps SNR G348.5-0.0, contains PWN candidate CXOU J171419.8-383023, interacts with molecular cloud 393 ?? 10000 - 30000 yr
SN: 1626 yr ??
6.3 - 12.5 kpc thermal composite CHANDRA XMM SUZAKU ASCA FERMI HESS
G348.5-00.0   part of CTB 37 complex, overlaps SNR G348.5+0.1 = CTB 37A, interacts with molecular cloud ≤ 6.3 kpc shell? CHANDRA XMM ASCA FERMI HESS
G348.7+00.3   CTB 37B, FGES J1714.3-3823, 3FHL J1714.0-3811, HESS J1713-381 part of CTB 37 complex, contains AXP candidate CXOU J171405.7-381031 = magnetar? 393 ?? 350 - 3150 yr
PSR: 950 yr
SN: 1626 yr ??
G348.9+01.1 ? G348.8+1.1 shell
G348.9-00.4 ? 1FGL J1718.2-3825, 2FGL J1718.3-3827, 3FGL J1718.1-3825, HESS J1718-385 PWN G348.95-0.43 and PSR J1718-3825 PSR: 89100 yr PSR: 3.6 kpc filled-centre CHANDRA XMM SUZAKU FERMI HESS
G349.2-00.1   contains PSR J1646-4346 shell FERMI HESS
G349.7+00.2   1FGL J1717.9-3729c, 2FGL J1718.1-3725, 1FHL J1717.9-3725, 3FGL J1718.0-3726, 3FHL J1718.0-3726, HESS J1718-374 contains CXOU J171801.0-372617 = CCO?, interacts with molecular cloud 1800 yr 11.5 - 12 kpc shell CHANDRA SUZAKU ASCA FERMI HESS
G350.0-02.0   G350.0-1.8, 1RXS J172653.4-382157 shell XMM ROSAT ASCA FERMI HESS
G350.1-00.3   2FGL J1718.1-3725, 1FHL J1717.9-3725 contains XMMU J172054.5-372652 = candidate CCO NS 600 - 1200 yr 4.5 - 9 kpc shell? CHANDRA XMM SUZAKU ASCA FERMI HESS
G350.2-00.8*? CXO J172337.5-373442 tail PWN? emanating from point source CXO J172337.5-373442 0.274 - 0.394 kpc filled-centre? CHANDRA
G351.0-05.4   close to PSR J1744-3922 shell FERMI
G351.2+00.1   G351.3+0.2, 1FGL J1724.0-3611c plerionic composite? FERMI HESS
G351.7+00.8   PSR J1721-3532 = B1718-35 nearby ≤ 68000 yr 12.7 - 13.7 kpc shell FERMI HESS
G351.9-00.9   shell FERMI HESS
G352.7-00.1   interacts with molecular cloud 2200 - 5000 yr 7 - 8 kpc thermal composite CHANDRA XMM SUZAKU ASCA FERMI HESS
G353.6-00.7   J1731-347, HESS J1731-347, HESS J1729-345 contains CCO XMMU J173203.3-344518 (magnetar?), interacts with molecular cloud?? 27000 yr 2.4 - 6.1 kpc shell CHANDRA XMM SUZAKU ROSAT FERMI HESS
G353.9-02.0   shell FERMI HESS
G354.1+00.1 ? 2FGL J1730.5-3350 PSR J1730-3350 = B1727-33 at the edge PSR: 1.48 kpc plerionic composite? CHANDRA FERMI HESS
G354.1+00.3 ? shell
G354.4+00.0 ? 100 - 500 yr 5 - 8 kpc shell
G354.8-00.8   shell FERMI HESS
G355.4+00.7   2FGL J1731.6-3234c shell FERMI HESS
G355.6-00.0   Suzaku J173530-3236 20000 yr 13 kpc thermal composite SUZAKU ASCA FERMI HESS
G355.9-02.5   shell FERMI HESS
G356.2+04.5   G356.2+4.4 shell FERMI HESS
G356.3-00.3   2FGL J1737.2-3213, 3FGL J1737.3-3214c shell FERMI HESS
G356.3-01.5   shell FERMI HESS
G357.7+00.3   the Square interacts with molecular cloud 10000 yr 6.4 kpc shell FERMI HESS
G357.7-00.1 ? The Tornado, MSH 17-39, 0FGL J1741.4-3046, 1FGL J1740.3-3053c, 2FGL J1740.4-3054c, 3FGL J1741.1-3053 interacts with molecular cloud 11.8 kpc thermal composite? CHANDRA XMM ROSAT ASCA FERMI HESS
G358.0+03.8   1FGL J1725.5-2832, 3FGL J1725.1-2832 and J1729.5-2824 shell FERMI HESS
G358.1+00.1   shell FERMI HESS
G358.3+00.2 ? Suzaku J174035.6-301416, HESS J1741-302 PWN candidate G358.29+0.24 and PSR J1740-3015 = B1737-30 PSR: 20600 yr filled-centre? CHANDRA SUZAKU HESS
G358.5-00.9   2FGL J1745.5-3028c, HESS J1745-303 shell FERMI HESS
G358.6-01.0 ? HESS J1745-303B, now also in J1746-308 PWN candidate G358.55-0.96 and PSR J1745-3040 = B1742-30 PSR: 546000 yr filled-centre? CHANDRA HESS
G359.0-00.9   HESS J1745-303 9700 yr shell SUZAKU ASCA FERMI HESS
G359.1+00.9   2FGL J1738.9-2908 shell ASCA FERMI HESS
G359.1-00.5   3FGL J1745.1-3011, HESS J1745-303A close to PSR J1747-2958 + PWN G359.23-0.82 = the Mouse, interacts with molecular cloud ≥ 10000 yr 5 - 8.5 kpc
PSR: 5 kpc
G359.2-00.8   Mouse, 1FGL J1747.2-2958, 2FGL J1747.1-3000, 3FGL J1747.2-2958, 3FHL J1747.2-2959 bow shock PWN G359.23-0.82 = the Mouse and PSR J1747-2958, close to SNR G359.1-0.5 PSR: 25700 yr PSR: 5 kpc filled-centre CHANDRA XMM ROSAT ASCA FERMI
G359.9-00.0 ? CXOGC J174539.7-290020 and J174539.7-290022, HESS J1745-290 bow shock PWN G359.95-0.04 encompassing CXOGC J174539.7-290022 and PSR candidate CXOGC J174539.7-290020, close to BH Sgr A*, SNR Sgr A East and PWN candidate Cannonball 8 kpc filled-centre? CHANDRA HESS

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